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Kadas is an application that will change how you organise and operate as you expand your company. Teams can work remotely and efficiently with no physical presence needed to perform all your team and workflow management. Kadas ensures efficiency and productivity in the most cost-effective, paperless and time-saving manner. Kadas is available on both Android and iOS smartphones and .

Kadas will assist in managing your team and workflow system to create better functionality. There is no need to spend so much money on inventory and stock tracking or even spend much time organizing and doing redundant business-as-usual administrations that takes much time and leaves you with less time to spend on your actual work. Efficiency and productivity is what Kadas wants to ensure in the easiest possible manner.

Kadas is an application platform developed by Sobek IT (Pty) Ltd

How It Works

  • Choose your package and fill in your information

  • Upon registration; you receive an email with a verification to continue into your subscription page

  • The subscription profile page will include all your login details

  • Access Login on Kadas website and insert your login details

  • You will have access to Admin panel

  • Employees to download Kadas on their phone and sign up

  • On admin panel; under “Employees” tab, click “Download CSV Template”

  • Map your company information on the file

  • Upload the mapped CSV file of all your employees to automatically activate them

  • Employees to receive an email with their password

  • Employees to Log in and start using Kadas